DEF is a community of innovators and problem solvers. We are excited to offer a Membership Beta and need your feedback and ideas to keep iterating. Next up are just four (4) questions that will help us continue moving and improving.

Thanks in advance for the help!
What do you expect from the Membership Beta as a DEF member? Why?

Should the Membership Beta have a paid option? If so, what benefits or services should be available to a paying DEF member? Why?

How can we improve the Membership Beta? (structure, clarity, benefits, messaging, etc.)

Any other thoughts or questions about the Membership Beta or DEF?

Have to run? Scroll to the bottom and click "Submit." Thank you so much for the help - we really appreciate it.

DEF has supported innovation in defense and national security since 2013; we know that your thoughts will help us continue to Inspire, Connect and Empower the Virtuous Insurgency.

Got two minutes? We'd love extra feedback! Below are four (4) more questions that can help DEF further improve the Membership Beta.

"If DEF did not have a/an _____, I probably would not be a member."

What price points would make sense for a paid DEF membership option? Why?

How much do you think a DEF member should pay to attend a DEFx event? What about a local Agora or Drink & Think? Should non-members be different? Why?

How do you most frequently interact with other DEF members?

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